Quartz countertops have a dazzling array of colors. Quartz has premium characteristics that contribute to its current rise in popularity with home owners. Visit our showrooms to see our wide selection of quartz countertops in Madison, Waukesha & Middleton, Wisconsin.

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Elegance that Endures

Nonn’s Quartz: customized for performance.
Our line of quartz countertops pairs durability and easy maintenance to create a unique scratch, heat, and stain-resistant surface for your home. No matter where you put it, quartz will stand the test of time, staying true to its original beauty through all kinds of trials and tribulations.

Quartz Countertops in Waukesha & Madison, WI
HanStone Quartz Countertops in Wisconsin

Hues to Know

Hanstone Quartz from Nonn’s is ideal for all sorts of countertops around your home.

The combination of quartz, one of the earth’s hardest materials, and high-quality polymer resin create this countertop’s distinctly stylish look and makes HanStone a luxurious choice, no matter the style. Visit Nonn’s for hanstone quartz countertops in Madison, Middleton, & Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Hang on to a Dream

Viatera countertops from Nonn’s meld nature and modern technology.

The natural quartz minerals used in the creation of Viatera give the material slight color variations and particulate concentrations that emulate the look of natural stone. The variety this provides means that viatera can make your space look beautifully earthy, sleekly modern or something right in between.

Nonns Countertops in Madison & Waukesha, WI
Zodiaq Quartz Countertops in Madison, WI

Beautiful Precision

DuPont’s Zodiaq Quartz: Countertops are made for the demanding ones.

Architects, designers and homeowners who are as exacting about aesthetics as they are about performance are sure to like these counters. Zodiaq quartz countertops bring the best of nature and science together to create fantastic residential and commercial design.

What Our



“[Our designer] knew immediately what to recommend which saved us a ton of time searching on our own…We have used Nonn’s in the past and have always had an excellent experience with their staff and products. We highly recommend Nonn’s in Middleton, WI.”

Marilyn P.

2015 Flooring Customer

“After living in a rental property for a year, we were more than excited to build a new house! Building a house is no small job, but working with Nonn’s made the job smooth.”

Stacie S.

2014 Renovation Customer

“It was great working with Nonn’s on our Kitchen and Master Bath remodel! Having no design experience and our first significant remodel, [our designer] was integral in making this a positive experience…We love our tile selections in the bathroom and shower and our flooring and granite countertops in the Kitchen. Thank you Nonn’s!!”

Teri B.

2015 Home Remodel Client

Do we have a


Quartz is one of the earths hardest and most stunning minerals. These markdowns are equally hard to beat and nearly as stunning. 

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