One of the original man-made flooring materials, vinyl’s popularity is exploding. Today’s lifestyles call for easy-care options, and vinyl flooring answers with an amazing range of styles, including the latest trend–LVT. Luxury Vinyl Tile.

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Armstrong Flooring in Madison & Waukesha, WI

Tough Luxe

Armstrong: Vinyl tile affords the elegance, longevity and straightforward maintenance you would expect from vinyl flooring.

Better yet, it’s incredibly easy to install. With a limited understanding of flooring installation techniques and a bit of experience with typical handyman tools, you can do it yourself. For a distinctive look, check out Armstrong’s new luxury vinyl floors: Alterna resembles tile or stone while Luxe Plank looks like natural hardwood.

Recycled Renaissance

Mannington: The only manufacturer to feature recycled materials in their vinyl flooring product.

It also innovated the usage of ultra-low VOC, water based inks during the 80s and they produce all of their vinyl flooring products right here, in the USA. Vinyl flooring has been around for generations, but these are anything but your grandmother’s floors.

Mannington Flooring in Madison & Waukesha, WI
Hallmark Floors in Waukesha & Madison, WI

The Stamp of Excellence

Hallmark Luxury Vinyl Flooring is exceptional.

The brand pours the same dedication to detail into its wood flooring as it does into its vinyl flooring and the similarity literally shows. The realistic wood-like finish is perfect for both residential and commercial use.

Happy Healthy Harmony

US FLOORS: Proudly manufactures unique and sustainable vinyl flooring.

The leading producer of sustainable, eco-friendly flooring also offers a wide variety of options when it comes to design. US FLOORS vinyl flooring will make your space sustainable, safe and stylish.

US FLOORS in Waukesha & Madison, WI
Coretec Floors in Waukesha & Madison, WI

Locked-In Luxury

US FLOORS – COREtec: Belongs to a new generation of luxury vinyl flooring.

A great alternative to glue-down vinyl, COREtec flooring uses solid locking technology for glue-less installation – it’s cleaner, cheaper and better for the environment. COREtec vinyl floors also use partially recycled materials and they’re completely waterproof and mold-resistant which makes them great for wet areas where you still want to see a beautiful floor.

Barefoot Bravado

Stainmaster: Resilient vinyl flooring can withstand a heavy battery from messes and foot traffic.

They’re available in a variety of contemporary designs that keep your space stylish for years to come. Moreover, Stationmaster products come with Soft Step technology for more underfoot cushioning.

Stainmaster Flooring in Madison & Waukesha, WI
Konecto Flooring in Waukesha & Madison, WI

Patented for Perfection

Konecto: Represents the newest generation of top-of-the-line, floating, resilient flooring.

It doesn’t require adhesives or moisture resistant and leads the category in fast, easy-installation flooring capable of floating over virtually any sub-floor. Its stylishness, coupled with its performance, is suited for both commercial and residential applications.

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“[Our designer] knew immediately what to recommend which saved us a ton of time searching on our own…We have used Nonn’s in the past and have always had an excellent experience with their staff and products. We highly recommend Nonn’s  in Middleton, WI.”

Marilyn P.

2015 Flooring Customer

“We love the house and all the flooring! You and your company did a wonderful job.”

Bobbie F.

2013 Customer

“It was great working with Nonn’s on our Kitchen and Master Bath remodel! Having no design experience and our first significant remodel, [our designer] was integral in making this a positive experience…We love our tile selections in the bathroom and shower and our flooring and granite countertops in the Kitchen. Thank you Nonn’s!!”

Teri B.

2015 Home Remodel Client

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On account of its durability, beating vinyl is difficult. Almost as difficult as beating this deal. 

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