Laminate is quickly becoming a new favorite as a countertop material. Today’s laminate countertops can be found in richly colored solids, mid-century patterns–even touchable textures.

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Formica Laminate Countertops in Madison WI

Smart Style

Formica counters add instant sophistication to any space.

This material from Formica is durable, wear-resistant, and versatile indoors. From eye-catching wood looks to more modern, concrete patterns, you’ll find laminate countertops you like from Formica. Explore our different patterns of laminate countertops in Waukesha, Middleton & Madison, Wisconsin.

Naturally Adaptable

Pionite is great for the customer who needs something versatile.

Their laminates come in a huge array of colors, wood grains, abstracts, finishes and custom prints that make them perfect for nearly any horizontal or vertical application. Pionite laminates are quality made and the company offers over a dozen specialty products and treatments so you’ll find the exact right fit. Visit our showrooms to see our selection of Pointe laminate countertops in Madison, Middleton & Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Pionite Laminate Countertops in Waukesha & Madison, WI

What Our



“[Our designer] knew immediately what to recommend which saved us a ton of time searching on our own…We have used Nonn’s in the past and have always had an excellent experience with their staff and products. We highly recommend Nonn’s  in Middleton, WI.”

Marilyn P.

2015 Flooring Customer

“I am building a house and our builder recommended going to Nonn’s to pick out our tile, carpet, and countertops…The [designer] that we worked with was very helpful and told us exactly what materials and products we should use…and she was very helpful at pointing us in the right direction and helping us match products together.”

Cristina S.

2013 Customer

Do we have a


Laminate countertops are no longer tacky alternatives. These days, you’ll get great styles. And from us, you’ll get great deals. 

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