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10 Reasons to Add Nonn’s to Your List of Preferred Vendors


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When it comes to building someone’s dream home, we know that how it gets done is just as important as the end result. We know, because we’ve been supplying and installing home-interior products for over 35 years. You need partners that can be responsive to your unique needs, so you can keep your build on schedule. While, at the same time, you need to know your clients are being taken care of, and getting the home they’ve always wanted. That’s why, at Nonn’s, we have an entire division of professionals dedicated to you, your crew, and your clients, so you can make that happen. Whether it’s a small ranch house or a 5000 ft2 villa, you’ll have a team of expert Project Managers, Interior Designers, schedulers and installers who will do whatever it takes to make the process hassle-free, and the end-result everything it was meant to be.


35+ Years of

As far as home building projects go, we’ve been around the block a few times—35 to be exact. In that time, we’ve learned a lot, and we’ve applied those lessons to every part that we play in the home building journey. We’ve streamlined our internal processes, making project coordination, deliveries, and installations more efficient than ever. We’ve cultivated a crew of dedicated Project Managers, Interior Designers, schedulers and installers, who are experts at what they do and how they do it. We’ve expanded our product selections, becoming a convenient one-stop shop for home-interior products. But, perhaps the most important byproduct of the past three-plus decades, was that we were able to create an experience where you, your crew, and your clients feel supported from the second they set foot in a Nonn’s showroom, until the moment they set foot in their finished home.




At Nonn’s, everything your client needs to bring their interior to life is under one roof. Whatever their budget, whatever their style, we’ve got thousands of flooring, appliance, countertop, and cabinetry products they’ll love, at prices that won’t break the bank. And, because they can get all four of the biggest home-interior products in one place, coordination and installation is four times as easy. They’ll have a professional designer to help them find the right products, an expert scheduling department to manage all the moving pieces, and a crew of experienced installers to bring it all to life.


Professional Interior

When your client first sets foot in a Nonn’s showroom, they’ll be greeted by a friendly designer who’s ready to bring their dreams to life. They’ll sit down together, discuss the exciting possibilities for their space, and help create a defined plan for each area in their home. Then, the work truly begins: our designers will scour the showroom and play with the different design styles and types, until they find the products that your clients will not only love, but that will enhance the value of their home.


Discounted Builder


We value our home builder partnerships more than anything, which is why we offer special pricing to each builder and their clients. That includes the big-name brands your clients love and trust, and the up-and-coming brands they’re excited to try. When every one of your client’s budgeted dollars can stretch even further, every room in that dream home can get even dreamier.


Showrooms & Warehouses
Across Wisconsin

Whether your client’s home is in the southern, central, or eastern part of Wisconsin, odds are there’s a Nonn’s showroom or warehouse right up the street. Having a showroom nearby makes it easier for your clients to find the right products, and having a warehouse nearby makes it easier for us to coordinate, schedule, and install those products quickly—especially on tight schedules.




As soon as you add Nonn’s to your list of approved vendors, your support staff can take a deep breath. That’s because they’ll now have a single, dedicated team supporting them every step of the way, regardless of the project. A team that will get to know them, the ins and outs of their projects, and anything else that can help the build go better. If you or your support staff ever need anything at all, your dedicated team is just a call away.


Flexible Scheduling

We know that timelines tend to be crunched, especially near the end of a home build. It’s just the nature of the business. That’s why our scheduling and installation department tries to be as flexible as possible: working around your team’s schedule, not the other way around. We do everything we can to get the job done where and when it’s needed, so deadlines can be met, and promises can be kept.


Skilled Installation


We understand that we play just one small part in the overall success of a home build. It’s a massive team effort that requires every party involved to not only do their job, but do it well. That’s why we hold our installation teams to a higher standard. We train our teams to treat your jobsites with respect—maintaining a clean work environment, working as efficiently as possible, and ensuring the work doesn’t just get done, it gets done well. Once everything is installed, our teams double-check each piece—from the cabinetry to the cooktop—to make sure it’s set up, safe, and ready-to-use. It’s a standard we’ve set, and one we’re proud to uphold.



To bring your clients some additional peace-of-mind, we guarantee all of our flooring installations for an entire year. And the same goes for our appliances; nearly all of them come with a one-year manufacturer warranty, which we’re able to honor and service ourselves. If anything were to go wrong with their appliances or flooring, all they have to do is give us a call and we’ll help make it right.

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Add Nonn’s to your list of preferred vendors, and you’ll see firsthand just how much of a difference it can make to have an entire division of experienced professionals dedicated to you, your clients, and your crew.

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