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More For Your Clients

When it comes to remodeling, the more you can offer your clients, the more clients you can get. And when you use Nonn’s as your home-remodeling headquarters, you can offer your clients more than ever before. That’s because here, unlike the big-box chain stores, you’ll be meeting your clients in inspiring showrooms filled to the brim with beautiful and affordable home-interior products. Here, you’ll have an Interior Designer by your side to help you guide them on their remodeling journey, explore all of the exciting possibilities, and find the products that will fit their style perfectly. When you choose Nonn’s, you’re offering more—and you’re getting more in return.

More For You

When you partner with Nonn’s, you get even more than home-interior products that fit every kind of client, every type of project, and every size budget. You get an entire division, with more than 35 years of remodeling experience, dedicated to you, your clients, and your crew. And that comes with perks, things like complimentary interior design services and hassle-free delivery. It comes with fully-stocked warehouses across Wisconsin, exclusive remodeler discounts, and every other benefit our Remodeler Division has to offer. Because when you choose Nonn’s, not only do you get more for your clients—you get more for you.



Stunning Product


Where you bring your clients is not only important for appearances sake, it sets the tone for the rest of the project. When you choose Nonn’s, you’ll have a home away from home that’s inviting, easy-to-access, and always dressed to impress. Unlike their dim department-store counterparts, our product showrooms are filled to the brim with beautiful displays of home-interior style and inspiring design vignettes. Whenever you stop by, you’ll always find a fresh pot of coffee and a comfortable place to sit and meet with your clients. Invite them in, explore the showroom together, and they’ll quickly see just how much you have to offer.


Dedicated Interior


Your clients want products that they know will look good in their space, which means they don’t want the passing opinion of a stockroom worker at some big-box store. That’s why, when you partner with Nonn’s, you get a professional Interior Designer personally assigned to you and your clients. They’re experienced, educated, and always excited to help—and it’s always complimentary. They’re there to answer those burning design questions, assist with style selections, and help your clients find the perfect products for their spaces. It’s these kinds of services that lead to better client experiences, and more client referrals.


Big-Box Prices,

Boutique Selections

Every client has a different design style, and every project has a different budget. And at Nonn’s, we combine the two things that you don’t see together at the home-improvement department stores: big-box prices AND boutique selections. It’s thanks, in-part, to all of the large-scale business we do through our commercial and home builder divisions, which enables our Remodeler Division to have an incredibly wide range of kitchen, bath, and flooring products, and styles at very aggressive price-points. So, whether your client wants a luxury prosumer oven, environmentally conscious cabinets, or downright discounted carpet, odds are we have it, and we might even have it in the warehouse just up the street.


Stocked Warehouses

Across Wisconsin

For any remodeling project, having warehouses right next to your job-site—stocked with the products you need—is a huge timesaver. And at Nonn’s, we have warehouse locations across the state that are easy-to-access, and stocked with a wide selection of pre-fab countertops, flooring products, appliances, and more. Simply call ahead and one of our Warehouse Technicians will meet you on the dock. Within minutes, you can be standing in front of the products you need, look them over yourself, and we can load them up whenever you’re ready.



Private-label products are an excellent alternative to expensive name-brand products, because they offer nearly identical quality at a fraction of the cost. At Nonn’s, we have our own brand of quartz, tile, and carpeting products, and we always have them in stock. We also have our own company-owned and operated granite fabrication shop in the heart of Wisconsin, so if your clients want custom countertops, you can save some of the budget by getting them straight from the source.




We know that you and your crew don’t always have the time to drive around and pick up product, especially when timelines are getting tight. That’s why we offer our remodeling partners hassle-free delivery services for all of their products. And in most cases, it’s completely free. If you’re ever in need of product delivery, or just want to save yourself some time, give your dedicated Interior Designer a call and they’ll take care of it all.


Expert Installation


If you’re ever in a pinch, need an extra set of skilled hands, or if there’s ever a product you simply don’t want to install, we’ve got teams of expert installers on-call who are ready and able to help. Just let your Interior Designer know what you need and when you need it, and they’ll get it set up as quickly as they can.


Exclusive Remodeler


Every so often our buyers are able to negotiate deep discounts on limited-supply boutique products. When it happens, we make sure our division partners are the first to know, and the first in line to buy. That means you and your clients can take advantage of newly-arrived boutique products, at unexpectedly low prices. These are products you wouldn’t even find in the big-box stores but, at Nonn’s, you can pick them up at big-box prices.

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