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When it comes to commercial building projects, we know that nothing is more important than finishing the job right, and right on schedule. You need experienced partners you can trust, professionals you can count on, who have the materials and expertise it takes to keep your project on-track. At Nonn’s, we have an entire division dedicated to commercial building, filled with seasoned professionals, who’ve been supplying and installing flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and appliances for over 35 years. In that time, we’ve gained a unique understanding of the challenges you face day-in and day-out, and designed a Commercial Building Program specifically to meet those challenges—so you can finish your projects right, and right on schedule.

We’ve Designed a Program Just for You.


Each component of our Commercial Building Program is designed so that you can keep your project running smoothly and stay on schedule. It’s why we assign a single installation crew to your project and your property, and they stay there until the job is done. It’s why we use PlanGrid, state-of-the-art construction software, and execute our own punch lists before any walkthroughs. It’s why we source our products from wherever offers the best prices; internationally, locally, or our own production facilities. These are a few of the ways our Commercial Building Program helps keep projects on track and on budget—and they’re just the beginning. Read on to find more.

Program Highlights


Dedicated Crews

When one of your vendors uses a different crew every day to work the same job, it can wind up wasting valuable time to initiate and coordinate with the new team. That’s why, at Nonn’s, we assign a single, dedicated installation crew to your project and property, and they stay there until the job is finished. Having the same crew on the same site, day-in and day-out, not only leads to better and more consistent work, it saves your schedule countless hours.


On-Site Oversight

To keep everyone on task and on time, each of our teams has a single point of contact: a Nonn’s Project Manager. They’re on site, overseeing the crew, making sure the sets are being executed accurately and efficiently. They’re the ones who catch the little things that might’ve otherwise bogged down your superintendent’s schedule. It’s one of the reasons our teams are able to stay so organized and productive, and it’s one of the reasons your superintendents are able to stay so focused on the tasks at hand.


Independent Punch Lists

Closing out a lengthy punch list can be a costly and time-consuming process. That’s why we oversee and execute our own, independent punch lists—two of them—so we can find and fix any potential issues before they’re able to turn into costly problems. First, our installers execute their own punch list; searching for and finishing pieces that may have slipped by. Then, our Nonn’s Project Manager does another punch list, double-checking every aspect of the project to make sure it not only meets the project specifications, but it meets our quality standards as well. That way, when it comes time for a final walkthrough, you and your Superintendent will be able to breeze through closeout and inspection.


PlanGrid Technology

For those who use it, PlanGrid is an indispensable tool both on and off the job site. At Nonn’s, we use it to keep our team organized, on task, and up-to-date on the most accurate project information. We take and enter our own measurements to make sure that the exact amount of material needed, is the exact amount that’s ordered. We oversee and execute our own punch lists to ensure closeout and inspection goes as smoothly as possible. We use PlanGrid to help keep our crew on track—which helps keep your schedule intact.


Multiple Product


When you work with Nonn’s, you get a single vendor that can supply and install four of the most necessary elements in your building: flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. That means you’ll have three less vendors to schedule, three less crews to coordinate with and, ultimately, three less things to worry about. It also means that each of those necessary pieces of your project will be compatible, both functionally and aesthetically. But overall, it means you’ll be able to keep your project on track.


Full Kitchens


If your project calls for kitchens, using multiple vendors to finish them can complicate things; especially the schedule. At Nonn’s, we keep it simple because we’re able to supply and install full kitchens at-a-time: the floors, the cabinets, the countertops, the appliances, even the caulk. Having one vendor finish entire kitchens all-at-once means you’ll have a more cohesive overall look, and it means you’ll have the confidence to schedule your plumbers and electricians, exactly when you need to.


Locations Across

the State

Whether your next job site is in the southern, central, or eastern part of Wisconsin, odds are there’s a Nonn’s showroom or warehouse right up the street. Having a showroom with a full commercial library nearby makes it easier for you to find the right products, and having a warehouse nearby makes it easier for us to deliver and install those products quickly—especially on tight timelines.


Competitive Commercial


Like you, we want the proposals you submit to be as appealing as possible. And like you, we know that the prices of each product in that proposal directly affects its appeal. That’s why we source our products from wherever has the lowest possible prices: internationally, locally, or our own fabrication facility. If you find product samples in our commercial library that you like, but don’t quite fit your budget, our buyers will use their distribution networks to get you styles that match, at prices you want to pay. Because that’s what it takes to make your proposal appealing—and that’s what it takes to win the bid.



Fabrication Facility

When it comes to custom products like countertops, one mistake in the size, style or material can wind up costing thousands. That’s why it pays for us to have our own granite fabrication facility in the heart of Wisconsin, because it gives us more control over what we deliver, and how quickly we deliver it. That means we’re able to align our production schedules with your timeline, so you can get the countertops you want, when you want them.

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Add Nonn’s to your next project and you’ll see just how much of a difference it makes, day-to-day, to have a Commercial Building Program designed with your timeline and your bottom line in mind.

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