Elevate Your Staircase Style

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Elevate Your Staircase Style

Wrapping your railings in garland or bows around the holidays is common, but taking your stairway to the next level all year round? That’s one of our favorite underrated home tricks! In fact, by treating your stairway to a few small touches, you can make it a focal point of your entryway, or create a strategic place to pop in personal touches.

One option we love is to add year-round garland, especially one with fruit or dried florals. Next, add in small decorative baskets or lanterns on the bottom steps, or on the floor next to the staircase. Tuck in a few dried stems or a rolled throw blanket for an added touch. For a more dramatic look, consider painting your railings, or adding removable wallpaper along the front faces of the steps. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your stairway!  

How to Create a Stylish Staircase:
  • Wrap year-round garland on railings
  • Add small baskets or lanterns to a few lower steps
  • Paint railings or add removable wallpaper to your steps

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