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At Nonn’s, we want to help you create a home you love. We want to fill it with personality, with style, with life. It’s what inspired us to create The Nonn’s Insiders List: a central resource, where our interior design experts could share their favorite style trends, design tricks, décor ideas, tidying tips—anything that’ll help you love your home even more.

But, stylish inspiration isn’t the only benefit of being on The Nonn’s Insiders List—Insiders also get exclusive email discounts, VIP access to fun Insider Events, and other can’t-miss giveaways! To get a taste of life on the Inside, scroll down.

Stylish Inspiration

When you’re on the Insiders List, our interior design experts share all kinds of stylish tips and tricks that will leave you loving your home more and more. Over the years, we’ve shared tips on how to refresh your foyer in just an afternoon, the best ways to showcase your books, and tons of other small tweaks that can make a huge impact on how you feel about your home!

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Whatever’s next on your home-improvement to-do list, one thing’s for sure: being an Insider will make it that much easier to tackle. That’s because, every two weeks, we send our Insiders an exclusive email discount on all types of Nonn’s products: kitchen, bath, flooring, and more.

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Nonn's Insiders - Can't Miss Giveaways

What do tickets to the latest Broadway show, a full-day spa getaway, and a fine Italian dinner for two have in common? Yup, you guessed it: they’re all rewards our Insiders have won in the past, just for being amazing—well, that, and for being on The Nonn’s Insiders List.

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Nonn's Insiders - Exclusive Events

If you’d enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres prepared by up-and-coming restaurants, sampling craft cocktails from local distilleries, and getting professional style tips straight from the source, then you’ll love our Insiders Events. You see, when your name is on the Insiders List, you have the exclusive opportunity of attending the season’s hottest Insider Events—plus, maybe even a few extra tickets for your friends. Welcome to life on the Insiders List.

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