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Mohawk SmartStrand® Forever Clean Carpet is not only the most durable carpet, it’s the perfect carpet for families who need exceptional durability, but want carpet that’s extremely soft and beautiful. Families with kids and pets don’t have to worry about wear on their SmartStrand® Forever Clean Carpet because it comes with built-in stain and soil protection and is 3X* easier to clean than other carpets. If there is ever an accident, you don’t have to sweat it.

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See what customers like you have to say:

“My five-year-old has taken to roller skating on it and even that hasn’t damaged it. We never intended this to be a forever carpet, we just wanted it to last until our second child passed the toddler years….”
— SmartStrand Customer Pkovo

“My dog got into a large bag of M&M’s while we were out and I came home to a rainbow of colors on my new carpet… 10 minutes, a washcloth and some warm water later there was no sign of the M&M dye.”
— SmartStrand Customer Egico

Using the most advanced fiber innovation, SmartStrand® Forever Clean Carpets offer the highest level of beauty, comfort, and performance available.

SmartStrand® Forever Clean Carpet is the best carpet for families with kids and pets. It is the only carpet with permanent built-in stain and soil protection that won’t wear or wash off, and contains new Nanoloc spill protection technology for quick and easy cleanup. SmartStrand® Forever Clean has exceptional durability that preserves the style, beauty and appearance of your carpet, with luxurious softness that you can sink your toes into. It’s also a breakthrough technology in sustainability to preserve the beauty of our planet.

Mohawk Nanoloc Technology

Proprietary Carpet Protection System
SmartStrand® Forever Clean carpet prevents stains because it contains Nanoloc Spill Shield, which covers the fibers completely and locks out soils and spills. This makes it the easiest carpet to clean.

Durable Carpet at Nonn's

The Next Generation of Sustainable Carpet
Because SmartStrand® Forever Clean is made with materials that are renewable and plant-based, we use less limited natural resources to create it and thus reduce our energy consumption during manufacturing. So you don’t have to compromise the health of our planet to have the durability, softness and beauty you want in a carpet.

Tested for Harmful Substances

OEKO-TEX® Certified Free of Harmful Substances
Choosing SmartStrand® Forever Clean means you can be sure that your carpet is safe and free from harmful substances. The Dupont Sorona® polymer with which SmartStrand® Forever Clean is made is OEKO-TEX® Certified free from harmful substances, so you have nothing to worry about.

SmartStrand Forever Clean Carpet

*Based on CRI XRF soil testing, a technology developed by NASA and used to measure the exact amount of soil removed when carpet is cleaned.

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