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Keep Your Counters Consistently Tidy With Clutter-Resistant Trays

Tidy Countertops Tray

Kitchen counters are absolute magnets for clutter. Between the toaster station, the coffee making equipment, and everything that sits around the stove, it can be hard to keep things feeling tidy. That is, until you equip your counters with some clutter-resistant decorative trays! It may seem like a small tweak (and, it is) but it makes a world of difference on your counter’s appearance!

First, we like to minimize, then organize. Start by reducing the amount of items you keep on your countertops as much as possible; anything you don’t use daily, tuck it away in a nearby cupboard. Then, organize the remaining items on a few of those color-coordinated, clutter-resistant kitchen trays! Whenever possible, try to limit the number of items per tray to 4-5 and keep all of the things you need for specific tasks, like making coffee, on a single tray. That way, what’s left on top of your counters will not only be your most useful items, they’ll be your best-looking ones, too!

Keys To Clutter-Free Style
  • Remove Unnecessary Items
  • Contain What’s Left On Trays
  • Keep Similar Items Together
  • Maintain A Max Capacity Of 5
  • Coordinate With Color

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