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Keep Your Washroom Feeling Fresh With Flora & Fauna

When it comes to washroom décor, plant’s aren’t usually the first thing you think of—but they should be! Not only do they work as natural air purifiers, plants lighten & brighten a bathroom like no other accent can. From well-lit to windowless, there’s a perfect plant for every type of powder room:

If your bathroom gets plenty of natural light, you’re in luck; almost any indoor plant will thrive in that environment! If the layout allows, we absolutely love the look of hanging a Bird’s Nest Fern near a standing shower like in the image above—especially when it’s got stunning white subway tile for a backdrop! If layout doesn’t allow, setting a potted Monstera in the corner will also work wonders. And for those of you whose washrooms have no windows, fear not; you can still incorporate greenery into your space! Succulents are great low-light plants that look fantastic perched on top of the porcelain. Eucalyptus branches are another piece of greenery that both low-light and well-lit washrooms will benefit from: simply bundle a few small branches of fresh or dried eucalyptus leaves together and hang them from your shower head to make every morning feel like a relaxing rainforest retreat.

The Best Greenery For Your Bathroom
  • Birds Nest Fern
  • Monstera
  • Gasteria Succulent
  • Eucalyptus Stems

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