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A Pretty & Practical Way To Hang String Lights: DIY Planter Posts

String lights and patios are like margaritas and salt—they just go together. However, not all patios have a practical place to hang them, let alone a pretty one. Which is why we love the idea of hiding a practical light-hanging post in a planter that’s overflowing with pretty flowers!

The other great thing about these cute DIY planter posts? They only take an afternoon to make! Before you start, you’ll need a few things: 1 large planter (20”x 20” x 14”), 1 cedar post (4”x 4” x 96”), 2 L-brackets, 1 hanging plant bracket, a bag of concrete mix, and a level. Once you’ve got the goods, screw the L-brackets onto the side of the cedar posts so that they’re flush with the bottom. Then, place the posts in the center of your planter and screw the brackets into the bottom of the planter. Once that’s done, mix up the concrete as directed and pour it around the post until the planter is about ¾ full. Check that the post is level while your concrete dries to make sure it doesn’t shift. Once the concrete is set, screw the hanging plant brackets into the top of the post, fill your planter with some soil and your favorite flowers, and string up those stunning lights! Then, all you need to do is pour yourself a margarita, kick back, and enjoy your picture-perfect patio.

What You’ll Need
  • 1 Large Planter
  • Hardware & A Few Tools
  • String Lights
  • An Afternoon
  • Margarita(s)

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