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Revive Your Area Rug with These Cleaning Tips

Everything loses a bit of luster as the time passes—especially area rugs. But, you can bring yours back to life a bit with just a few easy cleaning tips!

To maintain your rug’s moxie, shake off the big debris outdoors and carefully vacuum both sides. Then, take your rug to the tub, gently lather it with some rug-cleaner, and let it soak in cold water for an hour. Once it’s had a good soak, rinse it out and then hang-dry thoroughly. Just be careful not to repeat this regimen too frequently, as over-washing area rugs can cause the colors to fade and will wear out the material. Once a year is enough to keep your rug clean and in pristine condition!

Area Rug Restoration 101
  1. Shake It Off Outside
  2. Vacuum Both Sides
  3. Lather With Cleaner
  4. Soak In Cold Water
  5. Hang To Dry

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