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Showcase Your Unique Style With This Dramatic Book Display Method

How you display your books can say just as much about you as the books themselves. Which is why we love showcasing our collections with drama and flair by literally flipping the script, and shelving all of our books backwards!

Placing your books pages-out can instantly turn any old bookcase into a stunning display of your unique style. Walk over to a shelf or built-in bookcase in your family room and try it out yourself: flip every book backwards so that all you see are the textured, vertical lines of the pages punctuated by the occasional colored cover or jacket. Then, use the textured lines of the pages to your advantage by creating unique patterns on each shelf—stacking some books vertically and some horizontally—to create a dramatic display that’s intrinsically stylish and entirely you!

Reasons to Flip the Script
  1. Showcases Your Unique Style
  2. Makes Every Page Pop
  3. Adds Stunning Textures
  4. Creates Beautiful Patterns

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