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Turn Your Ironing Board Into Art In 4 Simple Steps

Every home has an ironing board, but it’s usually not great to look at and there never seems to be a good place to store it—that is, until now! Instead of stuffing that eyesore into some inconvenient closet, we’re turning this practical piece of laundry equipment into a super cute (and super accessible) piece of wall art.

To give your board the Cinderella treatment, start by dressing up the upholstery. Try something light, bright, and patterned. Then, paint the base/legs of the board to match. Chalk style paint gives it a trendy, textured look. Once you’ve updated your ironing board’s outfit, hang it from the hooks of a small floating shelf—one with only two hooks that are close enough together to support your board. Finally, set your iron and a vase with matching flowers on the shelf above the hooks, and enjoy your adorably practical new art installation!

4 Simple Steps
  1. Dress Up The Upholstery
  2. Paint Legs To Match
  3. Hang From Floating Shelf
  4. Admire Your Cinderella Story

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