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Keep Matching Sheet Sets Together Forever With The Pillowcase Method

We love any tidying tip that helps things go a little easier in the laundry room—it just so happens this tip makes things a little easier in the guest room, too!

The next time you wash a set of sheets, instead of folding each piece individually and hoping they stay together, use the pillowcase method and stuff the entire folded set in one of the pillowcases! That way, the next time you’re swapping your bedsheets or prepping a guest bed, you won’t need to go on a whole-home search for the set’s missing pillowcases; you’ll have the set you need in a neat little bundle right where it belongs.

Pillowcase Method, Perfected
  1. Fold Cover Sheet
  2. Fold Fitted Sheet (Optional)
  3. Fold One Pillowcase
  4. Place Inside Other Pillowcase
  5. Celebrate The Beautiful Union!

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