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The Design Trick That’ll Instantly Make Your Ceilings Appear Taller

Get Taller Ceilings in an Instant

Want to make your ceilings look really tall, even if they’re really not? No problem; just focus on the height of your furnishings!

That’s right, things like tall shelves and extra-long curtains can make even the most vertically challenged ceilings look ten feet tall. If your curtains are currently hanging just above your window frame, raise them up a foot or two to exaggerate their height. If you have short shelves sitting against your wall, try swapping them out for lengthier models—or, better yet, invest in built-in shelving that draws the eye all the way up to the ceiling! Either way, you’ll have a space that feels taller, more open, and much more comfortable.

Tips To Look Taller
  • Tall Bookcases
  • Built-In Shelving
  • Extra-Long Curtains

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