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Turn Bland Doors Into Stylish Décor With Updated Knobs

Turn Bland Doors into Stylish Decor

Many people look at doorknobs as purely functional pieces. And, well, if yours are bland then that may be true—but it doesn’t have to be! Because we interact with doorknobs so frequently, a simple upgrade can turn this overlooked element into one of the most stylish and interesting pieces of décor in your home.

To make your doors extra engaging, search for knobs with distinct shapes like flat circles or octagons, materials like crystal or brass, and finishes like matte black or aged pewter—just make sure the style complements your home’s existing aesthetic. Once they’re installed, you’ll see how fashionable these functional pieces can be!

Our Faves
  • Flat Circle
  • Matte Black
  • Crystal Ball
  • Aged Pewter

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