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How To Turn Old Candleholders Into Cute New Décor

Turn Old Candles into Cute Pots

If you’re anything like us, you burn through candles like it’s your day job. But, instead of recycling the candle containers when they’re gone, we like to upcycle our favorites into petite succulent pots!

To start, put your used candle in the freezer for an hour or so—this’ll make it much easier to remove the wax that’s stuck in the bottom. Once it’s good and cold, take a flathead screwdriver and chip away at the remaining wax until the majority of it is gone. Then, wash the residue out with hot, soapy water. Lastly, put a pinch of potting soil in holder, plop your plant of choice on top, and you’ve got yourself a cute new piece of décor to display on your counter!

Five Simple Steps
  1. Freeze candle
  2. Chip wax
  3. Wash holder
  4. Plop in plant
  5. Get more candles!

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