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Multi-Tasking Tables Can Help With Every Laundry Task

The thing about laundry rooms is they never seem to have enough room for all of your laundry tasks—that is, unless you have a built-in multi-tasking table! With just a single piece of laminate or granite, you can create a stunning and versatile multi-tasking table that’s perfect for sorting, scrubbing out stains, and folding on.

For front loading machines, enlist a pro to install the laminate or granite partial 1-2 inches above the top of the machine to ensure ample clearance, while still maintaining a clean, low-profile look. For top-loading or stacked machines, wall-mounted folding tables are your saving grace! Have those same laminate partials custom cut to maximize your multi-tasking area. And for the final touch, bring a comfy collapsible bar stool into the mix so you can relax while you launder!

Laundry Table Pro Tips
  • Save On Granite Partials
  • Enlist A Pro
  • Leave 1-2” Above Machines
  • Add A Collapsible Bar Stool
  • Make Room For Two To Fold

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