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Craft A Bespoke Home Bar In Minutes

If there’s one home update that gets better with age, it’s a stylish (and fully-stocked) home bar! Whether yours is on a cart or built-in, the key to making it look more like a craft bar and less like a dive, is to assemble a stylish motif on top.

For a truly stunning centerpiece, place a diamond cut cocktail stirring glass and matching decanter on top of a bar tray that matches your décor. Then, place a candle or potted plant to the left of the tray, lay a few cocktail books and drink coasters to the right, and raise a glass to your new, bespoke home bar. Cheers!

All you’ll need
  • Stylish Bar Tray
  • Diamond-Cut Glassware
  • Drink Coasters
  • Cocktail Recipe Books
  • A Drink In Your Hand

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