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5 Ways to Create a Warm & Welcoming Guest Room

We’ve all been a houseguest at some point, and there’s nothing better than staying in a home that feels like…home! Give your guests a warm, welcoming place to land with this simple, easy-to-assemble list of items.

To begin, give your guest room a breath of life with a houseplant (or 2!). While we love faux plants, they can get neglected and dusty in a guest room. Try a low-maintenance option instead of an artificial one.

Step 2: layer the bedding with a variety of blankets to offer extra warmth if needed, and to create a visually appealing place to snuggle in for the night.

Step 3: offer a place for suitcase and/or clothing. If your room has closet or drawer space, let your guests know, otherwise offer a small table or suitcase rack to help guests stay organized and comfortable during their stay.

Step 4: gather a basket of must-have items for your guest during their stay. This could be shampoo, soap, brochures of the local area or hand lotion.

Step 5: leave a few curated drinks and snacks in their room. Think bottled water, wine and a few small treats.

With a small amount of effort, your guests will feel loved, welcomed and 100% at home! Enjoy!

Create a Cozy Guest Room with These 5 Tips
  1. Plants
  2. Cozy Bedding
  3. Space for Clothing
  4. Basket of Necessities
  5. Drinks and Snacks

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