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Whether you’re looking to update an old hand-me-down end table, a bathroom stepstool, or an outdoor bench, stripes are the solution. Painted stripes are so easy, and they possess the power to instantly transform even your dingiest piece of furniture into something eye-catching. Here’s how:

All it takes is a bucket of paint, a brush, some painter’s tape, and a safe place to lay down a coat or two. Before you start slapping some strips on your selected piece, we suggest evaluating the base color—if you don’t like it, repaint it! A crisp white works well for just about any piece of furniture and is the perfect foundation for stripes, but make sure to choose a color that will complement and not overpower the new stripes you’re about to paint. Once your base layer is dry, you can start laying the painter’s tape down. Start by finding the center of the piece and lay tape on either side of the center. We like the look of alternating stripes by size, like pictured, but you can keep each stripe the same distance apart, too. Once your tape is firmly affixed, you’re ready to paint your stripes! Use your brush to paint the exposed portion of the wood. Once it’s dry (we recommend waiting overnight) slowly remove the painter’s tape and marvel at your self-made masterpiece!

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