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Give Your Footboard a Rest with This Trendy Trick

The best bedroom update of the year begins at the foot of your bed. Kick your traditional footboard to the curb and try our trendy replacement: a stylish bench set at the edge of your bed.

Benches come in all different sizes, styles and colors, making them an easy option to reflect your current decor while offering a brand-new look to your room. Beyond upping the style of your room, benches offer a host of functional benefits. Try using it to stack cozy throw pillows, hold snuggly extra blankets, or to create a romantic display of candles or lanterns.

Get the Look
  • Choose a bench roughly the length of your bedframe
  • Complement your current room style and décor when choosing a bench
  • Add functional or stylish items to display in a creative way: blankets, pillows, candles or decor

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