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Create A Stunning, Two-Tone Space Using Nothing But Curtains

Crafting a stunning two-tone space can be time consuming if you’re only using paint. But, believe it or not, you can achieve that same two-tone look and appeal by simply choosing the right curtains!

Coincidentally, there are two different ways to get that two-tone look: the first is to choose a color of curtain that really stands out against the walls behind them. If your walls are white, opt for bright red or black drapes—a dramatic difference in color will achieve dramatic results. The second method is to use two completely different color curtains on the same exact window—one on either side. This method works best in rooms that have neutral walls and an even number of windows; that way, you can keep the room looking bold and feeling balanced. Whichever method you choose, you’ll wind up with a gorgeous set of curtains and a stunning, two-tone space!

2 Ways To Two-Tone
  1. Contrast Your Walls Boldly
  2. Hang Two Colors Per Window

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